I wanted to call my dad today

I wanted to call my dad today.

My dad’s been gone seven years and I still have his number in my phone.

Every time I’ve gotten a new phone, the numbers just transfer from one phone to the next and it’s still there.

Over the years I have deleted old numbers of people I don’t talk to anymore or old contacts.

But I’ve never deleted his number.

Not sure what phone I had when he died. I know the profile photo I have for him was one I took on one of the first phones I could have profile photos for.

I remember when I took it.

I had gone back to the farm for the weekend for some reason or another.

I was standing in the kitchen talking about the features of my new fance phone and I mentioned that I could make profile photos for my contacts.

My dad, who doesn’t always get very excited about those things, turned to me eagerly and asked if I would take his picture.

I love the picture not just cause its my dad or because its gone but because of the memory.

There he is standing in our kitchen on the farm wearing his plaid work shirt smiling a big smile, just as happy as a lark.

You read and hear those stories of people who will text or call their deceased loved one’s old number and end up talking to the new person at the other end of the line. I’ve never done that.

I’ve never talked to that person. The line may have changed owners four times by now for all I know.

I do know that was my dad’s number. He first got that number when he had a bag phone that he would carry in his truck and carry into the house at night or into motel rooms when we traveled.

He had that number when he finally gave up the bag phone and moved to the flip phone.

I still know his and my mom’s cell phone numbers. They were posted on the front door of the refrigerator when I was growing up and I had them both memorized.

To this day, I can’t tell you which number is my mom’s and which is my dad’s. I knew them both by heart but I never separated them.

Now when I get to call my mom, because I am lucky and blessed she is still here, I simply go to contacts and push Mom.

My dad’s number is the first number listed under the letter D. It will always be there just as his memory will always be in my heart and mind.

There’s no reason to delete it. It’s not like the contact is taking up room. I think sometimes it’s a comfort to have him there

I wanted to call my dad today. Instead I remembered him fondly.

Published by Shay Burk

I'm a lifelong learner who has had a passion for writing almost from time I learned letters. I love to write stories of people who inspire me, people who do good and people who beat the odds. Now I am turning the tables and writing about a topic I know well and avoid most — me.

2 thoughts on “I wanted to call my dad today

  1. I remember running into him at Sturgis many times. Always smiling, of course it was Sturgis. Keep writing. 😉😁


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