Protecting my babies

I recently took my children to the dentist for their regular check-ups.

Of course their appointments should have been several months ago as the dentist was watching a tooth for a possible cavity but then the pandemic hit.

So I waited a few weeks after the dentist office reopened and called to see about appointments. The receptionist said she was easily able to fit us in the schedule. Then she explained the new COVID-19 related procedures which would in effect during our visit.

We wore our masks, used hand sanitizer at the door and followed all protocols to get us in and out of the office safely that day.

While we were there, the dentist thanked me for feeling confident enough with their practices to bring my kids into their office. I very quickly replied saying I felt safe with what they were doing.

I continued on to say it was a big deal as that was the first time my children had ventured out into a public place and wore masks since the pandemic began two months before.

The dentist said, “I understand. You went to a lot of work to have your kids so you want to protect them.”

Some might think this statement was an insult to other parents but really it was just a tribute to the struggled that brought me to motherhood. I wont go into all the details here. That’s content for numerous blogs down the road.

But here’s a brief summary.

My husband and I went through SEVEN years of various infertility treatments before I became pregnant. We were lucky to never suffer any miscarriages and IVF worked well for me and I became pregnant with twins.

However, we lost one of our twin daughters to SIDS four and a half months after her birth.

Then two years later we went through another round of IVF to bring our son into the world.

While my story may not compare to some, it is mine and it definitely makes me hug my kids tight. I love my babies and I definitely don’t want anything to happen to them. I keep them home as much as I can. We wear masks if and when we have to go out and yes I am very protective.

And in six months, I’ll be sure to take them in for another routine dental visit.

Published by Shay Burk

I'm a lifelong learner who has had a passion for writing almost from time I learned letters. I love to write stories of people who inspire me, people who do good and people who beat the odds. Now I am turning the tables and writing about a topic I know well and avoid most — me.

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